Welcome to Teknikality

Innovation, digital transformation, business process reengineering and automation

digital Transformation, Integration and automation through software innovation

We provide range of services including web development, service integration and automation to satisfy your business needs. No work is small, we take on everything that needs improvement. we have adopted business process reengineering as a wholistic approach with cutting edge technologies to improve  your organisation and advise on the short, medium and long term improvements and help plan and deliver projects.

Our Team will be with you in your digital transformation journey. 

Our philosophy is to create win win scenarios through technology partnerships and offer best value possible value to your business through innovation and collaboration.


Integrating disparate system to provide cohesive fully integrated systems.


Automating business processes through technology


Build systems to give you accurate and timely reports to give the pulse of your business. Implementing management information system for operational, tactical and strategic level decision making.

Business Process reengineering

Reviewing processes and identifying issues and processes that can be resolved through use of technology


Develop custom solutions for complex problems, where no current solutions exists